Patch Notes (1.1)

New stuff:

- Added 6 new weapons including a knife and a secret weapon:

        -Players can interact with the weapons scattered around the map to use points in exchange for those weapons

        -Players can carry a maximum of 2 weapons at the same time

        -Buying a new weapon will replace it with the one the player currently have in hand

-Players can equip the knife in hand to move faster, the players can also use the melee attack with any weapon equiped

-Reworked the UI to make interacting more comprehensible

-Reworked the interaction system to make it easier for the player to interact with objects

-Changed a bit the aesthetic of the menus to make the buttons stand out more

-Auto reload when the magazine of the weapon is empty ( if you have ammo in reserve)

-Audio cue on crate pickup that change depending on the weapon in hand

-Probably added some new bugs too

Bug fix:

-Fixed a bug where players couldn't shoot a single bullet with auto fire weapons

-Fixed a few zones where you could go out of reach from zombie, hopefully there's none now ( no more hiding sorry )

-Fixed a bug where zombie couldn't climb up certain stairs ( using stairs when you're dead is apparently hard )

-Fixed a bug where zombies could get stuck in infite loop of falling in certain spot

-Fixed some "i can go through walls" bugs


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